Our Services

Rigi Care is developing with each client their respective personalised “medical health package” and is connecting clients to medical experts and innovators. This work takes time and draws on resources and know-how that have been meticulously developed for decades. Thus, for the time being, our services can only be offered as a private service for members and their loved ones. From our clients we require a commitment to discipline, a willingness to change habits and life style as well as the willingness to make their health a priority in their daily lives.

Amongst our typical client requests are:

“2nd Opinion”
Addressing a need of many patients faced with a shocking and unexpected diagnosis we work through medical history, personal constitution and potential options, from established to novel interventions. We prefer to call this service “Extended Advice” as we like to work with the client’s own doctor(s) to deepen the investigation and broaden the scope of options, aiming for the best possible treatment package.

“Connect & Treat”
We facilitate treatment at the best hospitals and specialists on a global scale, including connection requests to third party clinical trials and early access programs.

“Connect, Develop & Treat”
Based on the “Extended Advice” we identify the most innovative experts to develop new treatments or adapt existing treatments, as applicable and required.

“Old Wisdom & Prevention”
As applicable, we integrate core practices from traditional medical wisdom (e.g. native American, Oriental, Chinese etc.) as the old traditions had a strong understanding of personalised and holistic medicine as well as health maintenance and disease prevention. Augmenting cutting edge medical science this often may offer a chance for healing early stage conditions and more chronic conditions by assisting the bodies own healing processes.

“Physical and Mental Rehabilitation”
Also in this area we can offer access to cutting edge technology, e.g. rehabilitation technology used by NASA as well as old wisdom e.g. practices (and/or contact to such) to access the power of the mind in the healing process.