Your Personal Health Service

We advise private clients seeking further knowledge and information about:

Their health status, life style choices and possible suitable adaptations.

The biology of their bodies and/or scientific knowledge of their respective condition(s).

Potentially suitable new medical inventions (incl. diagnostic tools, therapies, treatment procedures, rehabilitation methods etc.) under development or in clinical trials or clinical practice world-wide.

Best-in-class treatment options and locations world-wide.

New available research and insights on various medical and health topics.

We facilitate:

Additional diagnostic testing and monitoring.

Contact to international clinics with relevant clinical studies and/or treatment options. *

Contact to worldwide physicians and research experts with relevant expertise to the clients’ condition(s).

Custom-made developments ordered by clients (new medical treatment/device or equipment).

We provide:

Life style and health status consultations (including assessment of constitution, nutrition, supplements, habits) and advising, training and monitoring effects of potential improvements.

Herbal medicine consultations to help choose natural supplements to support wellbeing and the body’s self healing capabilities.

Accompanying clients to doctor/clinic visits, acting as explainer and peer-to-peer contact to treating physicians.

Project management to expedite and increase efficiency of potential medical procedures and interventions.

Logistics/organisation of required transportation, booking of appointments, schedules etc.

Education, information, lessons, courses on topics relevant to health, life style choices etc.

Anything else? Ask us – we might be able to help or know who can.

* NOTE: While Rigi Care are sometimes consultants to clinical studies and clinicians (as research experts or advisors on clinical protocols etc.), Rigi Care are NOT deciding on a client’s potential inclusion and participation in a clinical study or their eligibility for any study or treatment option; such decisions are taken by the physician(s) in charge of the respective clinics and/or clinical studies.