Your Own Personal Health Optimum

Rigi Care wants to help clients reach their own personal health optimum by combining the best traditional, modern and future medicine has to offer. This requires a holistic approach to healing, which always puts the individual at the center of all consideration, meaning that:

The person that has a certain condition is more important than the condition the person has.

Holistic Healthcare

Holistic healthcare never pushes an “ideology” or “method” and is not married to a specific product line or technology, but meets a client on their ground and in their particular life and constitutional circumstances. An in-depth case study forms the basis for a personalised combination of the best solutions from the vast possibilities (existing and future), wherever this may lead, e.g. addressing life style, diet, habits, constitution, supplements, diagnostic information and appropriate medical interventions (in collaboration with physicians and other international specialists).

Across the centuries of medicine this approach was known, used and proven; only in the last decades an overwhelmed healthcare system and the pharmaceutical business philosophy of “one fits all” has steered us away from this old and successful approach to health and healing. The urgent need for a return to holistic healthcare is apparent as more and more people suffer from a range of chronic ailments that have no cure and as more and more scientific evidence confirms century-old medical wisdom, e.g.the importance of the brain-gut (microbiome) axis to neurodegenerative disease, the immune system (cell therapies) to cancer treatments, and how effective digestion, absorption and elimination are to our health in general.

Holistic healthcare also includes in-depth education to foster a deeper understanding of one’s issues and constitution, such knowledge is a pre-requisite on the path to reach your own health optimum, because:

The more you understand your body, the better you can care for it.