Holistic & Personalised Health

Rigi Care is a holistic personal medicine organisation in Switzerland working at the cutting edge of medical science. Its foundation rests on decades of research into new treatment approaches, product development, clinical testing and implementation into medical routines by Dr. Thorball and his colleagues. Incubated and seed-funded by XOventure, Switzerland, Rigi Care is working with its exclusive members to promote better diagnose, prevention and treatment of patients with special and/or urgent need.

Rigi Care carries the ambition to

  1. Spearhead true holistic and personalised medical practice, in prevention and treatment of disease;
  2. Serve private patients and their families around the world when special health situations occur;
  3. Move research & development of new and promising treatments forward as fast as possible; and
  4. Merge century-old traditional medical knowledge and practice from nature with modern scientific understanding to augment and enlarge the repertoire of medical tools available to our patients.

Rigi Care aspires to bring tomorrow’s medical insights to today’s patients.