About Rigi Care

Rigi Care is a holistic personal healthcare organisation in Switzerland.

Rigi Care’s mission is to:

  1. Spearhead true holistic and personalised healthcare, in prevention as well as treatment of health issues;
  2. Consult and educate private clients and their families around the world is special health situations;
  3. Move research and development of new and promising treatments forward as fast as possible; and
  4. Merge century-old traditional medical knowledge and practice from nature with modern scientific understanding to augment and enlarge the repertoire of healthcare tools available to our clients.

Rigi Care’s foundation rests on:

  1. Decades of research, development, clinical testing and implementation of new treatments, diagnostics and devices into medical routine by Dr. Jørgen Thorball and colleagues;
  2. Working at the cutting edge of medical science and a resulting up-to-date understanding of the latest clinical research and medical developments;
  3. In-depth experience and knowledge in life sciences, nutrition, education, medical research, product development, clinical development and patient management; and
  4. Expertise in the old proven knowledge of traditional and clinical herbalism.

The team:

Dr. Jørgen Thorball: MD (University of Copenhagen); expert in translational medicine; decades of experience in the medical and life science sector, including clinical studies, invention and development of new innovations in the fields of medicine, diagnostics, nutrition and therapy, implementation of novel medical and diagnostic products and procedures, advisor to physicians, researchers, life science companies; vast network of experts in the various medical and health-related disciplines as well as companies developing novel medical products.

Dr. Betina Thorball: PhD in Food- and Biotechnology (University of Applied Life Sciences Vienna); ample experience in research and the life science sector; graduated recently as Clinical Herbalist from a highly recognised 2-year program (David Winston, US); additional post-graduate education since 2018. Her herbal training and practice combines traditional herbal knowledge (e.g. traditional western medicine, TCM, Ayurveda etc.) with the latest scientific findings and clinical practices, especially with regard to life style, nutrition and nutritional supplements. 

Plus a large network of collaborators and experts in medical specialty areas, research specialty areas, product development, therapeutic disciplines etc.