Rigi Care(s) For Your Health

Who are we?

Rigi Care is the result of the lives’ journeys of its founders:

Dr. Jørgen Thorball
MD (University of Copenhagen).
Specialist Transalational Medicine.

Dr. Betina Thorball
PhD Food-/ Biotechnology (University of Applied Life Sciences Vienna).
Certified Herbalist (David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies, US).

We are supported by a large network of collaborators and experts in research specialty areas, product development, therapeutic disciplines etc.

Read more about Jørgen‘s and Betina‘s journey to Rigi Care.

What do we want to accomplish?

Spearhead true holistic and personalised healthcare, in prevention and treatment.

Consult and educate private clients and their families in a variety of health situations.

Accelerate research and development of new promising treatments.

Merge traditional medical knowledge and practice with modern scientific understanding to enlarge the repertoire of healthcare tools available to our clients.

Why can we do it?

We hold high-level education and knowledge in life sciences, nutrition, traditional and clinical herbal medicine, medical research, product development, clinical development and patient management.

We have decades of international experience in business, product development, research, clinical testing and implementation of new treatments, diagnostics and devices into medical routine.

We are working at the cutting edge of medical science, which comes with an up-to-date understanding of the latest clinical research and medical developments.

We study the vast old knowledge of traditional herbal medicine across humanity’s cultures, with knowledge of hundreds of medicinal herbs from all over the world.