Do we know what is a health promoting diet & life style?

The medical facts of what is a healthy diet and life style have never been stronger than today. We can measure the relevant inflammation biomarkers and our microbiome and see for ourselves; did my diet and life style change / improve my health or not?

In the old days we were trained by nature to listening better to our bodies, but today the many signals we receive from our body is cancelled out by our industrial high-tech life style and food intake.

Experts in natural medicine find it mind-boggling how we put the label “new” on a range of old diets, e.g. keto diet , as the diet has been known for more than half a century if not for 1000s of years and always should be personalized to the individual constitution and situation. The same goes for experts in clinical nutrition, that also for more than a century have had access to an excellent well-controlled human test model: the patients on 100% intravenous or enteral nutrition. From an MD perspective, it’s like none of all this extensive knowledge never reached the general public.

Alcohol dependence results in brain-wide remodelling of functional architecture

New study demonstrate for the first time that alcohol addicted mice have their brain’s functional architecture remodeled. If confirmed in humans, this should lead to better monitoring and treatment of people with addiction. Maybe we finally will understand why some never get rid of their addiction while others do - their brain may simply not be able to rewire during the time they are clean or may even be permanently remodelled. “Research groups have been fighting for years about whether ‘their’ brain circuit is the key to addiction. Our results confirm these regions are important, but the fact that we see such a massive remodeling of the functional brain architecture was a real shock. It’s like studying the solar system and then discovering that there is an entire universe behind it.