Why Rigi Care?

Rigi Care is the first to offer “tomorrows personalised medicine today”.

Diseases that have no cure today may in 10 or 20 years have one, so why wait? Rigi Care promote research and development of new treatments to make them available earlier by connecting patients, researchers and the most innovative doctors to push forward better medical solutions.
Each patient is unique in so many ways thus require a tailor made treatment and health package selected from the leading research labs and life science companies combined with the best current standard care and individualised further by utilising the old wisdom of healing and prevention to give patients the best fighting chance to live longer and healthier lifes

In contrast to Rigi Care, hospitals and clinics around the world are build to serve 1000s if not 10.0000s of patients and accordingly have to offer the same standard range of diagnostic and treatment procedures to keep the allocated budget. The main difference between the various hospitals is the education and experience of the treating doctor and how well the equipment and buildings are maintained and renewed. If patients want new procedures not yet in the standard care, they are on a very difficult and time consuming journey and if they want the a tailor made personalised treatment and health package of the best in standard care, then Rigi Care is the only clinic specialising in connecting and selecting the very best for “tomorrows personalised medicine today”.