Beyond Established Practice

It takes many years, often decades, before new findings and understanding find their way into everyday practice of modern medicine at the average doctor’s office. Physicians have intense days, in which seeing and addressing the most urgent needs of their patients with the methods at hand has to take priority – and it is impossible for them to stay on top of all new clinical research and developments in parallel to their daily duties.

For us at Rigi Care it is a fixed part of our daily work to investigate and vet new findings from research and clinical trials in the service of our clients, thus in our areas of expertise we hold up-to-date clinical and scientific information at all times. This knowledge helps to find additional – and often better – options in the areas of prevention, testing/diagnostics and treatment. The vast majority of our clients’ physicians are very positive and appreciative that we can complement their superior clinical experience with this knowledge of the newest – and future – possibilities. This collaboration and merging of knowledge and experience most of the time leads to a much improved situation for the respective person.