We believe that we are the only clinic in the world with an outstanding track record of inventing, co-inventing and co-developing innovations that have already reached and helped millions of patients. We continue this track through close ties with medical innovators and experts around the world. We aim to combine the best of modern medicine and old traditional medical wisdom.

Examples of Rigi doctors’ inventions & projects:

Regulator T Cells: Adaptive therapy of ALS, MS, SLE, GvH and other autoimmune diseases [phase I/II]

Cancer cell therapy: Helping the immune system fight back by combining old medical wisdom with the best cancer drugs and procedures [phase I/II]

3 chamber bag: Improved IV nutrition for millions of patients that can not digest food for shorter or longer periods [on the market]

Probiotic drops: For infants with colic [on the market] and for prevention of neonatal necrotising enterocolitis [IND]

Lozenge for oral pain: BUPI is the most efficient pain treatment of head & neck cancer and Sjogren patients [in phase III]

Biomarker for better patient triaging: The first and most powerful low-grade inflammation marker (suPAR) predicts disease severity, outcome [on the market] and long-term health risks.

Dividable cryotubes: Facilitating more reliable biomarker research [on the market]

Improved MRI contrast agent: For better diagnose and monitoring [phase I]

Allergy: Automatic Skin Prick Testing for improved diagnostic procedure [standby for production scale-up]

Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS): RIgi doctors have long-standing experience with NCGS, from even before the condition was named. NCGS is not Gluten allergy and Gluten intolerance.