Our Mission

Rigi Care wants to help clients live long and healthy lives at their maximum possible well-being. Reaching one’s own personal health optimum requires a combination of different interventions for different people; we need to regard and treat the whole person, not “just” a particular symptom or disease. Across the centuries of medical tradition this has been known, used and proven, just in the last century medical practice and the pharmaceutical business philosophy of “one fits all” has steered us away from this old and successful healing concept. Considering what additional amazing scientific and technical knowledge is available to us today on top of the old wisdom – we have in our hands a true treasure trove of possibilities to fit to each person.

A diagnose from our clients’ treating doctor is a good starting point, however chronic health conditions rarely have a single cause of origin, but are a result of who we are and of our habits and life-style over a long time. Diagnosing co-morbidities and other health issues that influence healing is as important as initiating the best medical treatment combination and/or prevention measures. The need for a return to the holistic healthcare is exemplified e.g. by the exploding scientific evidence of how central effective digestion, absorption and elimination are to our health: New research on the gut-brain axis, the intestinal microbiome and the systemic effect of GI inflammation show that many apparently unrelated health issues including depression, migraines, skin conditions and obesity are clearly connected to gut health. There is even first evidence that neuro-degenerative diseases might have a substantial link to gut health. “You are what you eat” is a very old saying that today should read: “You are what you absorb” (Quote from David Winston, Clinical Phytotherapist).

To provide successful holistic healthcare we need to learn more about our clients than their symptoms or main issue/s. We need to apply modern and traditional diagnostics to understand the whole of the person sitting in front of us as best as we can. Only then can we fulfil our mission to develop personalised medical health packages and successful treatment regimes for our clients.